Urban requalification of south neighbourhoods of Moulins

A wishes of change and improvement. Each place is light in a distinct way, the light shade is different, and even each picture projected is different from a block to an other.
Three principles : 1. The distant sight, a colored bright tip in the top of the column implanted at the entering of the block. 2. The proximity sight, a spatter of light color stains on plants or architecture. 3. The closest sight, a picture projected on the floor evocative identifying the place. And for the understanding of the spaces, a pleasant warm light for the pedestrian spaces in opposition to cold light on the parking area.

Project ownership : Moulins habitat.
Project management : Hors champs – Landscapers.
Le Point Lumineux – Lighting designers.
Surface area : 108 000 m².
Material using light sources of type Luminescent Electro Diodes.
Electrical power installed dedicated to the lighting : 72,00kW