The office

Created in 2007 by Thierry Walger, the agency Le Point Lumineux is an independent structure specialised in architectural lighting, publics or privates spaces but also in the field of creation of lighting device to answer specific needs.

Located in Besançon (East of France), Le Point Lumineux agency works all over the world to develop and create lighting and highlighting installation for architecture, private and public space, garden, square, building, etc…. We complete our work by electrical engineering and networks studies dedicated to our lighting systems.

Studies carried out from A to Z

Our team  works on the analysis of the site, understanding the expectations and challenges for developping a coherent project, respectful of the place and his users. We pay great attention to the use of energy, the direction of light output but also to the integration of lighting equipment in the environment and architecture.

Our services

Area of intervention :

  • Direct project management or multidisciplinary team
  • Assistance with project management or consulting services
  • Mise en lumière d'un hotel à Tignes

    Proposed studies :

  • Lighting scenography
  • Urban and lanscape lighting
  • Architectural highlighting
  • Interior lighting
  • Infography lighting
  • Installation diagnosis
  • Lighting furniture design
    These studies are supplemented by the lighting validation and adjustment test phases, but also by electricity and networks studies dedicated to lighting installations.

  • Mise en valeur du pont de Chenecey

    Congress :

  • International lighting day, Besançon, October 1, 2012
  • Annual conference of the Association of Historical Monuments, Paris November 28, 2012
  • GIZ meeting, Rabat, June 13, 2013
  • Trainer in the French Lighting Association (AFE) from 2014 to 2020
  • Only Light, Lyon, June 20, 2019
  • Architecture School, Rabat, February 12, 2020

  • Our team


    Of technical training and artistic sensibility, Thierry Walger claims these two “cultural origins” to approach a space and try to give it an image in cohesion with its environment, its history and its feature. His experience dictates him to consider the technical constraints from the first design phase. The creation of the agency is the outcome of all his years of experiences and various meeting. this is also, constantly, the synthesis of the realized projects.


    Jérémy is an associate Project Manager in our agency Le Point Lumineux agency since 2011. He is in charge of the production of photometric and electrical studies. He also takes part in all design phases and ensures the follow-up of the operations in France and abroad. Jeremy works in close collaboration with all the partners involved in each project he is in charge of. Dynamic and curious, Jeremy is constantly looking for the best solution to any challenging situation.


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