Ornans, in the land of Courbet – Enhancement to light the path of the river on its journey in the city

Symbolize the coming of night in the city by the river, thanks to the light ! That was the question posed to the town hall where a strong pictorial requirement. Then, the project was born from the desire to create poetic and evocative lights, driven by strong collaborations between the project management, the company, the manufacturer and ourselves. Along the river, under the old houses cantilevered, changing light, slightly animated accompanies the flow of the Loue. The old bridge over the river with slightly golden white rays of light while the bridge is shown as a light punctuation.

1st Price AFE 2016

Project ownership : Ville d’Ornans.
Project management : Le Point Lumineux – Lighting designers.
Material using light sources of type Light-Emitting diodes.
Electrical power installed dedicated to the lighting : 4.5 kW