Highlighting the conference room of the CCI du Doubs in Besançon

Provide the necessary lights for all the various functions of this area.
We had to define several scenarios according to each possibilities of this room :
The guest entry and settings up, the course of each kind of conferences (with or without cameras), the end of the conference and to finish, the exit moment.
To those basics 4 steps, we had to think about specific moments such as video projection, recording….. And for the identity of the room and more poetry, immerge people who came there into the blue sky of the «comtoise» night at the end of the session.
The lighting installation designed to meet all those functions but also to provide feelings by an image and…. tell a story.

Project ownership : CCI du Doubs
Project manager : Private architects agency.
Le Point Lumineux – Lighting designers.
BET Planair.
BET Touzanne – OPC.
Surface area : 400 m².
Material using light sources of type Light-Emitting diodes Electrical power installed dedicated to the lighting : 3,00kW