Design light public installation and highlighting of the art museum

This historic axis of the town has to be reform. La Leysse, is totally covered by parking areas, and has disapear to the sight of inhabitants. The aim of the project is to organize all means of locomotion and to give back to the city is character. Imagine light shelves reminding the river. Think of urban light, residential or highlighting one while saving the Leysse. A system of variation will adapt the quantity of light needed according the different times of the night.

When the night happens, the museum have to get back its important place in the nocturnal landscape. A simple installation will allow a full reading of the architecture and its print in the town.

Project ownership : Ville de Chambéry.
Project management : Agency Hors Champs – architectes landscapers.
Agency Chemetov – architectes landscapers.
ARCADIS – design office.
Le Point Lumineux – Lighting designers.
Surface area : 120 000 m².
Material using light sources of type Luminescent Electro Diodes and Metallic Iodides and Sodium High Pressure.
Electrical power installed dedicated to the lighting : 65.00 kW.