Creation of a bright and sound three-part work for a bank branch

Within the framework of the new layout of Granvelle bank branch of Besançon, Crédit Mutuel, give us the creation of a unique sound and bright equipment. We designed, and make produce and install this unique object.
Three light crowns give a moving light varying between whites and blues. Loudspeakers played a musique programmed in concert venue in Besançon. Some small recessed spotlights throw white bright stain on the floor.

Project ownership : CM-CIC.
Project management : M. Demoly – architectes.
Villes et paysages – landscapers.
Le Point Lumineux – lighting designers.
Surface area : 52 m².
Material using light sources of type Luminescent Electro Diodes.
Electrical power installed dedicated to the lighting : 2.00 kW.

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